Options include:

The following local companies remove pools

Company Phone Address Website
Arizona Pool Busters 520-906-4079 2071 W Jim Howard Pl azpoolbusters.com
Custom Saw Cuts 520-624-2191 2502 E Benson Hwy customsawcuts.com
Omni Pool Builders and Design 520-222-8503 3655 N Oracle Rd #110 tucsonpoolbuilders.com
PRO Trenching 520-690-9833 1220 W Las Lomitas Rd protrenching.com

Companies on this list are NOT endorsed or recommended by any of the site sponsors. Being listed only means that the company has confirmed that they offer pool removal services in Pima County.


Is a permit required to remove your swimming pool? In general, yes. The requirements are determined by where you live, NOT by who your water provider is. For example, if you live in the Town of Oro Valley but your water provider is Tucson Water, then Oro Valley’s permitting requirements apply. Note that nearly all of Metro Water’s service area is unincorporated Pima County.

Assuming you hire a company to remove your pool, that company typically handles the permitting. Also note that the permit is how Pima County Assessor’s office knows to update their data, which may lead to a reduction in your property taxes.

City of Tucson Requirements:

A City of Tucson demolition permit is needed for swimming pool removal. This permit fee is $91.50 as of 2023.

The basic demolition permit process is that the customer will apply through the online portal:

The City of Tucson will review, once approve the customer will pay fees and once the work is completed the customer will schedule an inspection to finalize the permit. Once the work has been completed, the customer will need to contact the Pima County Assessor to update property records to indicate their swimming pool has been removed.

Pima County (unincorporated):

The county’s permitting process is as follows:

A permit shall be obtained for all demolitions of structures regulated by the Building Code. The following items shall be reviewed:

If the site is in the floodplain, it shall require RFCD review

Verify pool equipment and connection to service have been removed

Verify pool drains water accumulations

Break out pool drains

Drill/jackhammer a 4” hole in the lowest point of the pool (typically where drains are located)

Upon successful verification that the structure has been removed, that the utilities remain secured, and that the site is left in a safe and clean condition, the inspection item may be approved and the permit closed.

The fee for the demolition permit is $170, $85 for all permits requiring an inspection, and $85 for the special investigative inspection fee

The accessor’s office is notified about every permit the County issues, so they will be aware of the pool demolition, which will reduce the property value. However, in many cases this does not immediately affect the limited value on which property taxes are based.

City of Marana:

The Town of Marana requires a demolition permit. To apply for a demolition permit, please visit the Do I Need a Permit? section of the Town of Marana’s website. You will find a link to the permit application there.

Town of Oro Valley:

A demolition permit is required for removal of an existing in-ground pool or spa. When applying for a pool or spa demolition permit, a Site Plan is required as part of the online application process. The following information is generally required to be identified on the Site Plan:

Please visit the Town’s website for information on how to Apply for a Permit and be aware that all permit applications to the Town are done electronically via the online Customer Portal. And before emptying your pool, we recommend reading these Drain Your Pool Guidelines. If there are any questions, please call (520) 229-4800.