Repurposing an unwanted pool

Some homeowners find clever ways to make use of the hole and pool shell. Options include creating a pond or a below-ground rainwater harvesting cistern.

Repurposed pool turned into a pond

This homeowner started with the quick fill option for removing his pool, but only partially filled it, leaving a shallow basin. He then used a waterproof liner to create a pond, which is smaller than the former pool and uses considerably less water and energy, and no pool chemicals.

Another way to reuse an unwanted pool is to start with the quick fill option but only fill in the deep end of the pool.

Then an underground cistern such as a septic tank can be installed as a rainwater harvesting cistern before filling in the pool.


Here the unwanted pool is turned into a very large rainwater harvesting cistern through use of a waterproof liner and snap-together plastic panels that form a rigid structure.