Most pools increase the Full Cash Value of homes, and their property taxes.

Your tax bill is affected by another of factors, but the main one is the full cash value (FCV) of your home. Therefore, notifying the county assessor when a pool is removed may lower your taxes.

Not all pools affect the value of a home – there are exceptions.

Typically, a pool increases a home’s FCV by $10,000 to $30,000. The increase does not depend on the cost of the pool or its size or age or condition; rather, it depends mainly on the home’s location within the county which determines the Economic District in which it lies.

Removing a pool decreases the FCV by the same amount, but only if the homeowner notifies the Assessor’s Office.

Taxes are based on Limited Value (LV), not FCV. If a home’s FCV is greater than its LV, then removing a pool may not immediately lower the home’s property taxes.

RANGE: $0 - $200