For most homes with pools, the pool pump is the second largest energy user, after the heating and cooling system.

If your pool has a single-speed pump, then energy costs typically are $500 to $700 per year. A variable speed pump may reduce costs by a third. Note that pools have other minor uses of electricity, such as lights.

One person who removed an average-sized pool with a variable-speed pump reports the following impacts on his electrical use:

Summer peak use, pre-demolition 1,100 kwh
Summer peak use, post-demolition 800 kwh
monthly savings: 300 kwh
Winter base use, pre-demolition 600 kwh
Winter base use, post-demolition 300 kwh
monthly savings: 300 kwh

12 months x 300 kwh = 3,600 kwh/year, or about $504/year at $0.14/kwh